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About Us


Messianic Teaching, Worship and Discipleship

Empowerment and Equipping Men for the Kingdom

Preparing the Body of Messiah for the Greater Exodus

Watching the Day and the Season

Travel the Holy Land

Who We Are

Arrows of Ephrayim is a Messianic teaching and worship ministry based in in the UK.

We work itinerantly with other groups and fellowships throughout the UK. The mandate of this ministry is to specifically inform, disciple and equip others in the teachings of the roots of the Judaeo Christian Faith along with bringing information concerning global events associated with the State of Israel, the Jewish people and what is generally considered to be end time events spoken of and prophesied within the Holy prophetic texts of the Judaeo Christian writings in order to prepare the bride of Messiah Yeshua.

Our heart is to see disciples fulfil their calling for the purpose of the community of faith and to see the community of faith grow in the knowledge of God and to return to the spirit of truth identified in the gospel of John. 



Our primary goal is to see all believer’s in Yeshua Messiah grow in discipleship and to be unified in accordance to His prayer in the garden of Gethsemane on the night before His death. This prayer calls for the unification of the whole house of Jacob. Its fulfilment will see the ingathering of Israel presently scattered amongst the nations and the ultimate re-joining of them to the remaining two tribes now already in the land of Israel. We believe that all true believers are part of the commonwealth of Israel and that the Torah given to Israel applies to all. 

We believe that this symbolises also the unity or oneness of Messiah and His bride which will occur

at the return of Messiah Yeshua to the world in the latter days.


We believe that the end time move of the regathering of the tribes of Israel also the gathering of what YHWH calls the remnant is a specific people group that bear His name.


We also believe the heart of YHWH calls for all who bear His name to return to Him in repentance so that they can be cleansed and purified by the washing of His word. This symbolises also the cleansing and purification of the Bride. 



Our Ancient Paths.

We believe that the Nation of the United Kingdom has specific Hebraic roots and that YHWH through the sojourn of the diaspora has a unique covenant agreement with this nation.

Our desire is to see all who believe and desire to serve the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob return to those ancient paths long since covered up by the sands of time and history of these lands.

We also, through that repentance sever all ties with the Holy Roman Church who through the synod of Whitby in 664 assimilated the church of Britain at that time into its own conclave.

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